Saturday, November 17, 2007

Prime Hotel Villa Torlonia

Prime Hotel Villa Torlonia * * *
Via B. Eustachio, 7/A, 00161 Roma (RM) Italy

Best World Hotel from Roma

Prime Hotel Villa Torlonia is an elegant building with a great charm, erected at the beginning of the nine hundreds near the liberty style district Coppedè. The tranquillity and the refined taste of the area are going to make your stay an elixir of health and relax.

The name of the hotel is taken after the famous residence of the noble family Torlonia, a green lung of the city situated not far from the centre of Rome.

Villa Torlonia: One of the most recent Roman villas that used to belong to a noble family. It still keeps a particular beauty due to the original scenery of the British garden, one of the few examples in Rome, and to the rich and unexpected quantity of artistically designed buildings all over the park.

La Casina delle Civette (literally translated The Birds' House): Main residence of Prince Giovanni Torlonia until the 1938, it is a very peculiar construction in liberty style that had its name taken from the presence of a large stained glassy window with two owls between ivy's branches. It is one of the most singular and interesting works made during the first years of the last century.

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Prime Hotel Villa Torlonia is located at very prime location of the city. Its building is very attractive and rooms are very comfortable and big.

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